Доверие, профессионализм, успех сотрудничества
Адрес: Москва, ул. Черняховского, 16, оф. 1203
Телефоны: +7 (495) 661-41-18
+7 (495) 229-50-61

Registration, Sertification and issuing Declarations in Russia

Our company "Biotech-inter" has 12 year experience in optimizing the registration process of products in Russia.

We carry out the registration procedures of drugs, medical devices, perfumes and cosmetic products, biological active additives (BAA), disinfectants and etc. subjected to state registration. 

Our services:

  • Registration of disinfectants
  • Registration of pest agents
  • Register BAA
  • Sports nutrition , infant nutrition
  • Declaration, certification of food products, cosmetics, perfumes, fertilizers, oil destructors
  • Environmental certification of products
  • Certification of veterinary medicines
  • Certification of feed additives for animals
  • Registration of drugs and medical substances
  • The development of production documentation
  • Production schedule
  • Certificates ISO 
  • Register of medical devices
  • Clinical studies (food supplements , medicine)
  • Preclinical studies (toxicology veterinary drugs , environmental agents)
  • Refusal letters
  • Expert opinions on the products of Rospotrebnadzor
  • Voluntary certification
  • Registration of homeopathic medicines
  • Registration of household cleaning supplies
  • Clinical research and trials of cosmetics